Ancram Opera House is under new ownership.

Check back for more details.


A message from Joan & Jim...

June 27, 2015

Dear Friends & Neighbors, 
The Ancram Opera House has had several owners since it was the Ancram Grange.  Two opera lovers remade it into the Ancram Opera House in the early 70s.  Joan bought it in 2002; we met here, got married here and together offered a variety of experiences for a decade.

Now we've decided that it's time for others to have a chance to realize their vision for the place.

So on September 1st,  Jeffrey Mousseau and Paul Ricciardi, two adventurous guys now living in Hudson, will take over as the owners of the Ancram Opera House.  We're glad to see their fresh creative energies directed toward a place we dearly love.

We'll leave with sadness and the sure knowledge that we've done all we could and all we wanted to do here - many wonderful performances, concerts, classes and parties.  The process has taught us so much.  We've both developed skills that serve us well in our ongoing endeavors.

We'll miss most Joan's Sunday yoga class, where we've practiced together for more than decade, many of us healing in her class.  We'll grieve for the loss of this irreplaceable community.  Yoga will be intermittent this summer, as we prepare to move.  Stay tuned on email for class notices.

We hope to enjoy our last summer here and let it be a joyous one, maybe even sweeter for this change.  Thanks for your attendance, your generous contributions and your  appreciation for our efforts.

Together, we have made these years a memorable success.

With love and gratitude,

Joan and Jim